Why Liberals should be concerned about the closure of Fabric

The number one priority of the Liberal Democrats is currently trying to do all we can to keep the UK in the European Union. However, if there is another campaign that Liberal Democrats across the UK should be rallying behind, it is the fight to try and keep the iconic London club Fabric from closing.

But why? Why is this of vital importance to all liberals across the nation?

The possible ‘targeting’ of Fabric and the disgusting treatment that the club’s owners have received by the authorities is something that every Liberal should be very worried about.


Firstly, it is yet another instance of how the continued war on drugs is ruining this country. No one does more than those involved with dance music culture to try and reduce the risk and harm associated with drugs. From Fabric’s own commitment andsuccess at helping to tackle drug supply, to the sterling work by organisers and charity ‘the Loop’ at this year’s Secret Garden Party festival, where an amnesty for on-site pill testing no doubt managed to save lives and hospital beds.

The blame for any person injured or dying from illegal drug use lies ultimately with the government.

  • Outdated, illogical substance legislation, which ignores science.
  • Preventing people from being properly educated about drugs, and what to look out for or do to mitigate the risks.
  • Allowing substances to be driven underground where they are only available through criminal gangs and are given in uncontrolled doses and contaminated with more dangerous substances.
  • Criminalising users so that they fear to seek help.
  • Deciding that one substance is illegal when another, equally harmful substance isn’t, in the most illiberal, authoritarian policy that panders to powerful lobbyists.

Those are the things that are putting people in danger of drug related deaths, NOT nightclubs.

When you have people in charge who genuinely think that putting a limit on the music’s BPM, will actually prevent drug use, we are in very scary territory. The level of ignorance about these issues from some of those with power is terrifying.

Demonising an industry, a culture, whilst having double standards when it comes to your own is everything that Liberals must fight against. There is every kind of prejudice and classism at the root of this battle, and it must be called out.

This is just the latest big loss in a battle that is stifling entrepreneurship and talent from developing in some of the poorest communities in the UK. If it’s not misapplied drug laws, it’s noise levels and licensing. It’s about time we stood up and stopped this destruction of an entire industry.

Dance music and nightclubs are about love, freedom, openness and creating amazing experiences.
I really hope that many of my fellow Liberal Democrats will join me in speaking out about this and trying to save our nightlife while we still can.

Originally posted on Lib Dem Voice HERE

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