White Ribbon Day

Remember, remember the 25th of November...

Today is the International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women and is also White Ribbon Day.

It has been just over 2 months since we passed my motion at conference that called for further and stronger measures to tackle domestic violence. This set out our commitment to standing up for victims and making tackling domestic abuse a priority for Liberal Democrats for beyond 2015.

Today is a day to recognise the huge fight we still have ahead of us in stamping out, what is an abuse of human rights. Many local organisations will be carrying out days of activism and events and I urge all Liberal Democrats to find out what is happening in your area and to get involved.

The White Ribbon organisation is a project that recognises the vital role that men play in tackling violence against women. If you’re a councillor and your council is not currently white ribbon accredited, this is something positive you could call for. It is a good way to build links with local community groups, businesses and sports teams by encouraging them to take part in awareness events.

On this important day of activism, I call on every Liberal Democrat who stands with me, in demanding action to effectively prevent domestic abuse, to please write, tweet, call or email Lib Dem MPs, PPCs, MEPs and Scottish and Welsh representatives. I ask you to call for Motion F30, passed at Autumn Conference, to be included in our 2015 Manifesto. If you can make it to a manifesto workshop to call for its inclusion then please, I urge you to do so.

Preventing domestic abuse is vital to building a stronger economy and a fairer society. We must make a stand to our representatives and the public that Liberal Democrats are leading the progress and standing up for victims.

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