Appalling Tory Record on Affordable Homes

Elizabeth has hit out at the appalling record of the Conservative Government on affordable homes.

The government's latest affordable housing figures reveal a significant and sustained drop in the supply of affordable homes in the last two years.

Elizabeth said, "everybody knows there is a major housing crisis in this country yet there is no real action, or even a proper plan from the Conservatives to tackle it.

"Many in my generation and younger just have no hope of owning our own home for the foreseeable future, especially not without help from parents. Many of us cannot afford to live in the areas we grew up in, due to rising costs of not just owning, but also renting. High rents and insecure jobs mean it is very difficult to save for a deposit.

"Even what the Government currently class as being 'affordable housing' is laughable, as in many cases it's still way out of the average person's budget.

"There is real action that can be taken on this, such as allowing local councils to borrow, action to access small to medium local construction firms for contracts, making sure housing is not just affordable to buy, but also to live in by making sure it is sustainable to keep down energy bills. Most importantly, new housing needs to involve the people living in the local area, who have a much better knowledge of what kind of new housing is needed for their community than most."

Commenting Wera Hobhouse, Liberal Democrat Spokesperson for Communities and Local Government, said:
“The government are clutching at straws to hide their appalling record on affordable housing.
“Younger generations in particular are being left behind because this Conservative government are failing to provide a place to call home.
“The Liberal Democrats have called for half a million affordable homes to be built in this parliament. This government lacks ambition and because of that renting is now unaffordable for many people and homelessness is soaring.”

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