The Fight Must Go On

"The politics of fear has triumphed". These were the words of Elizabeth Adams after some sad results for the hard working Lib Dem team were announced across Stratford and South Warwickshire.

Though the team lost a number of Councillors, who had worked tirelessly for their community for years, Elizabeth stated, "many lost by only a handful of votes. As soon as people start to see just how much we held the Tories back from carrying out bad policies in government, those who wasted votes on Labour or the Greens will hopefully support us again".

The team still have 3 District Councillors, making them the largest opposition still on Stratford DC.

Elizabeth said, "I will still be here to carry on fighting for local people when the Conservatives let them down. I am not fighting for vested interests. I am campaigning because I care about this community and I want to see local people properly represented in parliament."

"Now more than ever it is vital that anyone who believes in liberalism, freedom and tolerance, anyone who is horrified at the politics of fear and divisiveness engulfing the country, they need to join us and stand with us. British liberalism must survive".

Proud of our campaign, proud of our party

The Liberal Democrats have fought the campaign of their lives. We fought a vital campaign on our values, offering a strong positive, hopeful alternative to parties who want to drag us to the right or left, or break our union apart.

In the face of difficult conditions and regular negative predictions, Liberal Democrats have been strong, united and determined.

We will lose some valued colleagues tonight, which will not do justice to their years of dedicated service to their community and our party, and their hard work in this campaign.

We will always be ready to do our duty for the country.

In 2010 Liberal Democrats stepped up to the plate and put the country before party. And we are incredibly proud of our record, which only happened because of Liberal Democrats in government:

  • Cutting taxes for 24 million working people

  • Equal marriage

  • Ended child detention

  • Investing billions of pounds to help disadvantaged children in school

  • The largest increase in apprenticeships ever

  • The biggest revolution in the pensions system in a century

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