The Conservative PM Announces Snap General Election!

In the biggest U turn of the decade, The Conservative Prime Minister has announce a snap General Election to take place on June 8th.

Stratford Liberal Democrats are ready and waiting, with long term local campaign Elizabeth Adams already in place as their Parliamentary Candidate. Click article to read Elizabeth's full statement.

"This election is a chance to change the direction of our country.

"It is clear that only the Liberal Democrats can stop a Conservative majority. We have been winning in local elections up and down the country and our amazing win in Richmond Park shows that anything is possible as the ground has changed.

"We have had thousands of new members join us nationally, since the announcement.

"Labour have clearly given up being an opposition, abstaining or voting with the Conservatives on important issues. People are seeing that it is the Liberal Democrats who are fighting for them as a credible opposition.

"If you want to avoid a disastrous Hard Brexit. If you want to keep Britain in the Single Market. If you want a Britain that is open, tolerant and united, this is your chance to take a stand with us.

"Locally we have a part time Conservative MP that people are fed up with. This is the best opportunity in years to send a real message that we want someone who will fight for local people. No more talking shops on traffic, no more ignoring local need on housing, no more taking local people and businesses for granted. We need action and results.

"A strong performance by the Liberal Democrats locally will send this clear message." - Liz Adams

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