Stunning Result for Lib Dems in Witney By-Election!

Absolutely fantastic result for the Lib Dems in Witney! Elizabeth was on the ground earlier today helping with the polling day camapign and seeing on the ground the big swing towards the Liberal Democrats.


Well done to the team! From being the 10th safest Tory seat, the Lib Dems now have 30% of the vote, coming from 4th place last year to a now clear second, less than 6000 votes away from winning. The biggest Tory-Lib Dem swing since 1997! This swing would see us take loads of seats off the Tories in a general election! This is clear proof that in places like Stratford and Warwickshire, the Lib Dems are the best chance at beating the Conservatives. Last year's results are to be ignored as more people are backing the Lib Dems and the Labour vote collapses.


Progressive voters really need to have a long think about supporting the Lib Dems in many areas, as it is the only way we will win back seats from the Tories!


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