Save our Health Care

Health care services in South Warwickshire could soon be at risk.

Many residents on the western side of the district may be concerned at the recent activity surrounding the A&E unit at the Alex hospital in Redditch. This is nearest unit for many local people and closure would result in them having to travel substantially further in an emergency situation. Local Lib Dems are very concerned and want to hear from residents who are affected. Please take just a minute to let us know your views on this and what the impact would be on you and your family.

There is also a ticking time bomb issue involving yet more oversight from the Conservative-run council. Due to a lack of applications for money for local health care services at planning stage, new housing sites will be putting pressure on services without there being extra funding from the developers that should be there to help. If you want our health care services to be given the funding they should rightly be getting from developers, please sign our petition.