Local Election Results 2014

Local Election 2014 results for Stratford District council.


The 2014 Stratford District Council results have seen the support for Liberal Democrats hold up here in South Warwickshire.

Stats for the local elections vote share across wards show Conservatives on 44% and Lib Dems the main contenders on 25%. UKIP got 15 % pushing Labour even further behind to 4th place on 13%.

Only the Lib Dems can beat the Conservatives in Stratford-on-Avon next year, voting Labour or Green is a wasted vote.

Amongst the 3 Lib Dem Councillors who held their seats was Hazel Wright who achieved the largest majority of the night in Studley.
People in South Warwickshire recognise the hard work our local councillors do for the district and this showed in the support we received from residents.

We were disappointed to lose dedicated councillors Susan Juned in Alcester and Clive Thomas in Stratford Avenue and New Town.
Susan and Clive had put in years of work and service to their communities and I'm sure will be swiftly missed by residents. The results were very close and just a handful of votes would have seen us hold the seats. This just shows that voting anything other than Liberal Democrat in South Warwickshire will just elect a Conservative. Labour and the other parties are a wasted vote.

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