Liz Adams Statement on EU Referendum Result

Elizabeth Adams, Liberal Democrat Parliamentary Spokesperson for Stratford-on-Avon: Full Statement on EU Referendum Vote.

“Today is a sad day for Britain. We have already seen the economy start to tumble and sadly, people will be living with the consequences of this for years to come. It has been a long and bitter campaign and it has shown up the many divisions, regional, generational and others across Britain.

“But we cannot give up the work for a progressive, liberal vision for Britain. Almost half the country did not vote to leave, they need a strong voice fighting for them in the coming turbulent time as we renegotiate deals. Here in South Warwickshire, over 48% of voters who wanted to remain now need a voice to stand up for them against an MP who campaigned for leave.

“With the Conservatives look set to lurch further to the right, led by people who have openly stated they want to privatise the NHS, and whilst Labour are in turmoil, we are urging progressives to stand with the only united, positive campaign for remain, which was the Liberal Democrats.

“We now have a huge fight on our hands to stand up for our public services, and our Human Rights, which are now at risk. Leave ran a campaign based on more democracy. We need to hold them to that and demand democratic reform here in the UK.

“Labour must not be allowed to escape their share of the blame for this. Labour, for years presided over immigration without integration. They allowed the formation of segregated communities and disenfranchised working class. That led to the appeal of UKIP in the first place.

“Corbyn’s Labour have stayed practically silent throughout this campaign, when only they had the resource to go and tackle UKIP lies in large parts of Urban England. Here in Stratford they were nowhere to be seen over the last few weeks. On polling day they were nowhere; they weren’t even at the count.

“We have now seen the result of their failure to stand up for working people against the messages that UKIP were giving them. The Liberal Democrats ran a superb campaign, with the most street stall ran of any party. We have shown ourselves as a movement that no matter how far down we are pushed, we dust ourselves off and keep fighting for our values.

“Labour are failing progressive voters. At best, Corbyn genuinely believed in Remain and he ran a shambolic campaign, at worst, he disowned his own principles to stop more in his party from working against him. Therefore, his supporters must know, he is either not the man who can lead them to success or he is as unprincipled and playing politics as anyone they despise. It is now working class people, on low incomes who will suffer from this decision.”

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