Lib Dems adopt Elizabeth's Policy on Preventing and Tackling Domestic Abuse

Elizabeth's policy for preventing and tackling sexual and domestic violence is officially adopted as Liberal Democrat party policy at Autumn Conference 2013. The policy was backed by party MP's and ministers and seeks to bring more emphasis on prevention of abuse through education and healthcare.


Local mum and campaigner Elizabeth Adams has succeeded in the latest stage of her campaign to change the law on tackling tackle sexual and domestic violence.

Elizabeth secured the backing of hundreds of delegates at the national Liberal Democrat conference in September and will now push to get this new Liberal Democrat policy enacted into law.

Elizabeth commented, “Domestic abuse remains misunderstood, under-reported and it affects millions of people across Britain – and many thousands here in Warwickshire. It is time the government improved the way it works to help prevent abuse and detect cases much earlier.

“At a time when money is still tight, it makes economic sense to invest in preventing a problem that currently costs the UK billions; not to mention the social and emotional cost to society. The policy I put forward delivers a clear set of proposals for how Liberal Democrats in government can work to prevent abuse and give better protection to victims.”

Elizabeth has also condemned Conservative plans that could result in closures and loss of vital services for local children’s centres here in Warwickshire. Elizabeth added, “Children’s centres support vulnerable families and are often the first port of call for those affected by abuse. It’s clear to me and many local people that Conservative-run County Council plans will put these centres at risk.”

Councillor Richard Cheney, leader of the Liberal Democrat group on Stratford District council said “Locally, Liberal Democrats have always supported services for victims of domestic violence, and will continue to do so. We will work hard to keep our local children’s centres supported despite the Conservatives sentencing them to uncertainty and possible closure.”

Elizabeth has spent the last nine months working with charities and support organisations to put together a motion to the national Liberal Democrat conference in Glasgow to improve how the government tackles the important issues of sexual and domestic violence.

The text of the full policy can be found on page 48 of the Autumn 2013 Conference Directory available at the following link: 

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