Lib Dem's 5 Point Plan to Save Our NHS

The Liberal Democrats have announced a 5 point plan to SAVE OUR NHS.

Elizabeth explains, "Almost all of us have a story about the NHS being there for us when we needed it. I can thank the NHS for my two children being safely delivered, when I had complications both times.

"But the NHS now needs US."

The Conservative Government have failed to take action to tackle the NHS funding crisis, and Liberal Democrats have been fighting for local services such as A+E and Maternity Services to stay open after threatened closures and downgrades.

Elizabeth added, "The Liberal Democrats are stepping up to the plate with a 5 point plan to safeguard and improve NHS and social care services. We are being honest and proposing just 1p more on income tax, which would give us the money needed to save our NHS. Most people I talk to think this is worth it, and better to know up front than to have tax U-turns as is likely with the Conservatives."

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