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Join us and unite to save our politics!

Join US!

Cameron has now resigned. We will now see the Tory right, with their Brexit mandate, take over the Conservative party. A new progressive, liberal force is needed in British politics.

This referendum is so close and We must not let Labour escape their part of the blame. Labour, for years presided over immigration without integration. They allowed the formation of segregated communities and disenfranchised working class. They have stayed practically silent throughout this campaign, when only they had the resource to go and tackle UKIP lies in large parts of Urban England. We have now seen the result.

If you want an opposition to the Tories, come and be a part of the movement that no matter how far down we are pushed, we dust ourselves off and keep fighting for our values. Come and join the Liberal Democrats. Corbyn has failed. At best, he genuinely believed in Remain and he ran a shambolic campaign, at worst, he disowned his own principles to stop more in his party from working against him. Therefore, his supporters must know, he is either not the man who can lead them to success or he is as unprincipled and playing politics as anyone they despise. It is now working class people, on low incomes who will suffer from this decision.

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