Huge Win for Lib Dems in Richmond Park!

The Lib Dem Fightback is growing from strength to strength as Richmond Park ousted Conservative Zac Goldsmith in favour of local Lib Dem, Sarah Olney to be their new MP. 

Liz Adams said, "What an AMAZING victory! The Lib Dems are officially back! People across Britain are backing the Lib Dems to stand up for them. Congratulations to our new MP Sarah Olney, who will work hard to fight against the Conservative Hard Brexit Government.

"This is a huge swing to us, 30.4%. It is clear the new division in politics is between the illiberal, intolerant and divisive authoritarians, and the positive, open, tolerant and united vision being offered by the Lib Dems and liberal progressives in all parties who want to work together to bring real change to our politics."

This is a sensational result as the Lib Dems over turned a Conservative majority of over 23000! This shows that the Lib Dems are on the up and there is no limit to the difference we can make. Come and get involved and join the fightback!

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