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Health care in the district could be affected by Stratford on Avon District Council’s approach to conditions attached to planning permissions for house building.

Increased house building adds to the work of local medical facilities. The staff at our local health services do a fantastic job, but if they are not given adequate funding for the amount of people using the services then problems will occur.

At a planning appeal in 2014 on the cattle market site in Stratford, South Warwickshire NHS Foundation Trust requested a contribution of £359,052 from the developers (called a S106 contribution) towards acute health care infrastructure at Warwick and Stratford hospitals. This claim was rejected by the Planning Inspector. On this basis Stratford District Council is currently not putting forward S106 claims to support the Foundation Trust when new planning applications or appeals are processed. We understand that since the cattle market decision the Foundation Trust have carried out considerable work on their claim for S106 contributions and now have a written legal opinion in support of their position that their current format of claims is valid and CIL compliant. However, financial support for our hospitals could be being lost as S106 requests are not being made by the council for new planning applications.

It is essential that any additional burdens on local health care needs are properly funded. Liberal Democrats think it is only reasonable that developers building the houses whose occupants create the extra demand at our hospitals should contribute a fair share of extra costs.

Help us call on the council to sort out funding for our health care services, before they become over stretched and damage is done.

I/we the undersigned call on Stratford-on-Avon council's planning service and planning policy team to work urgently with the Foundation Trust to find a way for them to make valid healthcare funding (S106) claims and that such claims be made for all current and new planning applications where necessary and any forthcoming planning appeals.

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    Protect our local healthcare services and sign the petition to get the funding they deserve!
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    Protect our local healthcare services and sign the petition to get the funding they deserve!
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    Sign the petition: Healthcare Petition
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