Health Foundation Report exposes NHS recruitment crisis

A new Health Foundation report has highlighted that national policy and planning for the NHS workforce in England is not fit for purpose. The report also found high staff turnover and instability across the NHS, and a drop in the number of trainee nurses.

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Disgraceful Conservative Vote Against Ending Emergency Services Cuts

Conservative MPs, joined by the DUP, voted to block an attempt by opposition parties to end the freeze on public sector pay.

Elizabeth Adams has criticised the vote, stating "Liberal Democrats were supporting this amendment and had I been an MP voting on this, I would have voted to lift the pay freeze for our brilliant emergency services staff."

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Health Chief Backs Lib Dem Plan for Health Care

*Former chief executive of the NHS in England and other leading health experts back Lib Dem plans to deal with the NHS funding crisis*

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Lib Dem's 5 Point Plan to Save Our NHS

The Liberal Democrats have announced a 5 point plan to SAVE OUR NHS.

Elizabeth explains, "Almost all of us have a story about the NHS being there for us when we needed it. I can thank the NHS for my two children being safely delivered, when I had complications both times.

"But the NHS now needs US."

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