Elizabeth Welcomes Art 50 Court Ruling

The Supreme Court has today given its decision and ruled that Parliament must have a say in the decision to trigger Article 50.

Elizabeth commented, "Today, the court has ruled that Parliament alone is supreme, and it must give consent before Article 50 is triggered to withdraw us from the European Union. This is a good decision, which upholds traditional British democracy.

"The backlash against the Judges, who are simply fulfilling their constitutional role, has been nothing short of vile and dangerous. It is appalling that the Conservative Lord Chancellor Liz Truss failed to give a swift and strong response condemning this behaviour.

"Now that a Bill must go before Parliament, the Lib Dems will not allow the Conservative Government a blank cheque to push through their agenda at the same time as recklessly ripping Britain from the EU community that has seen our country thrive for many years."

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