Elizabeth Speaks to Stratford-on-Avon Amnesty International Group

Elizabeth Adams attended the March AGM of the Stratford-on-Avon branch of Amnesty International where she took questions from members on a range of issues and outlined Lib Dem policy and values on human rights and international policy.


(Photo taken from Stratford Amnesty Branch website. Amnesty and the Stratford Branch are not politically affiliated and invited candidates from all major parties on different occasions to give members the opportunity to find out the different party views on topics of interest to them)

The AGM was very well attended and Elizabeth spoke alongside the Green Party Candidate on a range of issues including Syrian refugees, a solution on the situation in Gaza, and protecting human rights.

Elizabeth explained, "Lib Dems have a good record to defend on human rights and I should think so too as human rights are part of the DNA that make up all of our policy. Human rights, freedom and protection of the individual are the reason we exist as a party".

She added, "I'd like to thank the Stratford Amnesty branch and their members for giving me the opportunity to speak at their AGM and for all the hard work they do for the community and for those abroad. It was very encouraging to see such a good turnout and I found the questions from members to be very insightful on a range of issues".

Lib Dem Record in Government:

  • enshrining an aid target of 0.7% of the national income into UK law and ensuring that it will be met each year

  • Scrapped the expensive and unnecessary ID cards system proposed by Labour

  • Ended the permanent storing DNA of innocent people

  • Stopped children being fingerprinted in schools without parental consent

  • Restored the right to protest outside Parliament

  • Reformed the bureaucratic criminal record checks for ordinary people who want to volunteer

  • Banned wheel-clamping on private land

  • Stopped the Conservatives from getting rid of the Human Rights Act


To find out more about the Stratford-on-Avon Amnesty Branch please visit their website:


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