Elizabeth Speaks to Representatives from the Federation of Small Businesses

Today Elizabeth Adams attended a roundtable event with representatives from the Federation of Small Businesses to discuss issues facing smaller and medium sized business and how government could help them.

Small and Medium businesses are the backbone of the British economy with 84% of all new jobs coming from SMEs.


Amongst topics discussed were issues around enforcing late payments using the EU directive, education & skills (including career advice and 'future proofing' apprenticeships based on long term planning in skills shortage areas), reasonable level threshold for registration for internet trading and the potential for the West Midlands and industry (subject to B'ham Airport expansion and broadband upgrades).

Elizabeth has sealed her support by backing the 'I back small business' campaign. She said "I am very pleased to support the 'I back small business campaign'. Too many problems for smaller companies are caused by politicians creating or adding to legislation that was written with big companies in mind. It needs a rethink and I will be pushing for future laws to consider the impact on smaller businesses and make sure the laws of unintended consequences don't come about".

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