Elizabeth Slams UK Drop in Press Freedom Rankings

The UK has slipped to 40th place in press freedom rankings in the wake of the Investigatory Powers Act.

See Elizabeth's comment:


Elizabeth commented, "This is a disgrace! Journalists in the UK are less free to hold those in power to account than journalists working in South Africa, Chile or Lithuania, according to an index of press freedom around the world.

"The surveillance state Theresa May is building using the provisions of the Investigatory Powers Act, which allow the bulk collection of our personal information and that of journalists, undermine the very freedoms essential to a healthy democracy.

"The drastic tumble down the world rankings in recent years shows that this Government does not care for our freedoms or our international reputation.

"The crackdown on journalistic freedoms, taken together with the surge in the number of freedom of information requests being refused by Whitehall, shows how determined this government is to avoid being held to account. And the Labour Party’s ineffective opposition has shamefully allowed them to get away with it."

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