Elizabeth Condemns Tory Scrapping of Student Maintenance Grants

The Conservative government plans to axe maintenance grants for poorest students without a Commons vote.

This will affect more than 500,000 of England's poorest students.

Elizabeth said, "This is a really serious and disgusting move from the Conservatives. I have always argued that the real barrier to students from less well off backgrounds being able to study at university is actually the cost of living.

"Maintenance loans and grants are a much bigger factor than tuition fees and impact on whether students can afford to live whilst at university or whether they need to take out part time jobs or forfeit studies altogether.

"Instead of removing grants we should be investing more in them and looking at reforming the student finance department to prevent the mix ups and delays that are so common. The way the Conservatives are going about this is also a total slap in the face to democracy and the constitution."

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