The results of the leadership contest for the Liberal Democrats are in and Tim Farron MP for Westmorland and Lonsdale has emerged victorious. Elizabeth Adams the Lib Dem parliamentary candidate for Stratford-on-Avon, who was a member of Tim’s campaign for the leadership, explains why this is good news for Warwickshire.


“Tim is exactly the right person we need to lead the fightback of the Liberal Democrats. The battering we took in May was a wake-up call to many who have quietly supported British Liberalism and we saw new members signing up in the thousands. Tim is a grassroots campaigner and has the energy and experience to rebuild us from the bottom up.”

“Like myself, Tim came from a less well-off background; he grew up in a single parent family in Preston. He knows that things like poverty and poor housing affect people’s freedom and he has the guts to stand up on the important issues and tell it like it is.”

The leadership hustings event for the West Midlands took place in July 3rd in Stratford School and was the largest attended event outside of London.

“The fightback has begun,” continued Elizabeth, “we are already making by-election gains in councils across the country, with two just last night. Here in Stratford we have had lots of new members and we are holding the Conservatives to account on the council and over their appalling budget that attacks low paid working families and young people.”

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