Elizabeth Adams Selected to Fight the 2015 General Election for Stratford Lib Dems

Lib Dem Candidate for General Election, Elizabeth Adams: Fighting for our community

Stratford and South Warwickshire Liberal Democrat members have unanimously chosen experienced local campaigner Elizabeth Adams to be Stratford-upon-Avon’s new prospective MP.


Elizabeth, who lives in the constituency with her family, has many years of experience campaigning on a number of issues locally and nationally. She is already leading the Liberal Democrat campaign to protect our communities from the planning mess created by the Conservatives and has set up a petition calling on the council to act.

Speaking just after being chosen, Elizabeth said, “I feel honoured that local members have chosen me to run for election as the next Member of Parliament for Stratford-upon-Avon in 2015. As someone who lives locally and uses the same services that other residents use day in, day out, I understand the issues and concerns facing local people. I look forward to working with our Liberal Democrat councillors to build a stronger economy and fairer society."

“The Conservatives have left us without a local plan in place to protect our towns and villages here in South Warwickshire. The bill being footed by taxpayers, for consultants and planning appeals, is increasing in the hundreds of thousands whilst developers are taking advantage. Residents are being left with less and less power to prevent inappropriate development. The local Conservatives voted against Liberal Democrat pleas to put resources into getting a plan in place whilst nationally David Cameron is rolling out the red carpet for developers and fracking companies. Together this threatens the local character of our communities and puts at risk local services that will come under more strain.”

Elizabeth is known nationally in the Liberal Democrats for her dedicated campaigning to tackle and prevent domestic abuse. She successfully created new party policy at their Party Conference in 2013 calling for a new set of proposals to fight sexual and domestic violence, including a national government awareness campaign for workplace safety, aimed at preventing the estimated £1.9 billion it costs annually to UK business.

Elizabeth explained, “Britain’s economy is growing again thanks to tough action taken by the Lib Dems in government after 13 years of Labour failures. Since 2010, the Lib Dems have delivered over a million new jobs and 1.2million new apprenticeship places across the country."

“But there’s a lot still to do to get Britain out of the mess left behind by the last Labour government. That’s why I’m working with the local Liberal Democrats to step up our local and national jobs campaign.”

Elizabeth added, “We’re already working hard to get more help for local businesses here.”

“The Liberal Democrats in government are also investing more in British industry to create quality jobs in science, high tech and renewable energy. The country is moving in the right direction again, but we must not relax our efforts to build the stronger economy our nation needs.”

Local Liberal Democrat Party Chair, John Barrett commented, “Elizabeth represents a great choice for local residents when they come to cast their vote at the General Election next year."

“Elizabeth has already hit the ground running and is out knocking on doors and listening to what issues really matter to residents across Stratford and our many towns and villages.”

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