Elizabeth Adams Comments on European Election Results 2014

Elizabeth Adams, Lib Dem prospective MP for Stratford-on-Avon releases statement on the 2014 European Elections.


"Losing Lib Dem MEP Phil Bennion is a great loss to our region and I take this opportunity to thank him for all his hard work on behalf of South Warwickshire.

Here in South Warwickshire Lib Dems have achieved third place in the vote, with only UKIP coming between us and the Conservatives who lead the vote.

The result in the European elections shows that local voters agree with the action we have taken in coalition government to get the economy back on track, however they have sent a clear message through protest support for UKIP that reform and power over what happens in Europe is necessary.

Labour's message on Europe has been silence and voters in South Warwickshire have recognised this, leaving them weak in fourth place.

Clearly a different question will be asked when people come to cast their votes in 2015, but we need to take away some serious lessons from the results tonight.

I am pleased that Liberal Democrats in government have legislated for a referendum on EU membership the next time powers are asked to be transferred to Brussels. However the results across the continent tonight show deep discontent and will change the playing field for member states.

We need to use this opportunity to fight our hardest for British interest in the EU, in particular for British industry, business and jobs. This includes fighting for sensible immigration policy that does not close borders and put at risk the skilled workforce that businesses rely on, fighting for continued co-operation on tackling cross border crime such as human trafficking and ensuring Britain gets a better deal on our exports and services.

But we also need to go further at home to tackle the key issues that are at the heart of people's fears over the future of Britain. Continuing to support apprenticeships and working with business to support education and ensure British school leavers have the skills to gain employment. Looking at the serious issue of lack of housing and rising house prices that are leaving many young families unable to leave home or stay in the area they grew up in. Finally, ensuring that the hard fought right to a minimum wage for workers in Britain is not being abused and going further to ensure a decent living wage and cutting income tax bills for the lowest paid further.

This is what I will be fighting for as a Liberal Democrat."

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