Conservative Benefit Cuts Will Increase Child Poverty

A new report just released by the Institute for Fiscal Studies has found that benefit cuts will increase child poverty. Absolute child poverty would increase by 4%, and three-quarters of that would be linked to the freeze to most working-age benefits and limiting of tax credits and universal credits to two children.

The report is detailed in an article here, which quotes "the Liberal Democrats are the only major party committed to reversing the worst of the Conservatives’ welfare reforms, including the benefits freeze, the two-child limit and the deep cuts to Universal Credit. During the last election, analysis from the IFS itself showed our welfare plans to be the most progressive."

Elizabeth commented, "changes in technology and how this will impact jobs means that a major rethink on tax, benefits and employment law is desperately needed, yet the Conservatives are busy implementing regressive benefit changes, with the same mindset as policy makers in the 70's. This is going to impact families already at risk due to rising food prices from a wreck-less Brexit strategy."

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