Brexit Government's Day's Are Marked

In light of Morgan Stanley's prediction last month, that "Theresa May's government will collapse in 2018, triggering a fresh general election", any chance the Conservatives have, of not crashing out of power in a midst of chaos that will impact on everyone, lies in May's potential to stand up to the Brexit hardliners, and show some leadership. Slim chance of that then.

The policy of having your cake and eating it is unsustainable. The Conservatives have gambled with people's jobs, businesses and incomes, and it is disgusting that there is absolutely no leadership being shown by anyone on the front bench. A strong leader would act now and bring us back from the brink of disaster.

1) Unilaterally guarantee the rights of EU citizens in the UK and foster goodwill for the negotiations to move on from a standstill.
2) Publish the covered up impact assessments on UK industry and allow proper debate to happen over how this will affect us.
3) Negotiate now an extended deadline with the EU and make clear that 'no deal', which is in no one's interests, is a red line and must not happen.
4) Give certainty to businesses by making clear that Single Market membership will continue.
5) Offer clear constitutional control back to the public and allow them the final say on Brexit once the outcome of any deal is known. This includes a referendum on the deal and proper Parliamentary oversight of key decisions.

If May were to act now in the National interest, she would have support from opposition MPs, and would not need to worry about the hardliners holding her to account.

Morgan Stanley prediction reported here.

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