Experienced, motivated and ready to lead, Elizabeth is standing up for local people.

●Experienced Parliamentary Candidate with a strong track record of building campaign teams and motivating members.
A third-year law student at the University of Gloucestershire Park Campus in Cheltenham, Liz is championing liberal
values for future generations.
Liz is fighting to keep Britain’s place in the EU, for serious action on environmental issues, and to ensure that evidence and education lead the way when it comes to policy making.


Elizabeth lives with her partner and two children. After completing the International Baccalaureate, Elizabeth studied for a BA in History and Theology, whilst working in retail and community pharmacy, where she was trained in medicine counter sales and dispensing. In between this, Elizabeth had taken time out of work to care for her children during their pre-school years.

Elizabeth is now finishing her law degree, to retrain as a barrister. She has work experience at a London law firm specialising in commercial and civil litigation, and took a mini-pupillage at a leading UK set.


An Experienced Campaigner:

  • Elizabeth has years of campaigning experience, tackling issues of local and national importance. Elizabeth has been successful in authoring her own national party conference motion, and changing national party policy surrounding Domestic Abuse.
  • Elizabeth is an experienced Parliamentary Candidate. She stood in both the 2015 and 2017 General Elections.
  • She advocates the importance of supporting local council campaigns and has vast experience of securing donations and recruiting activists.
  • Elizabeth has a wealth of public speaking experience. She has appeared on TV, live radio and in the local press. She will be effective at presenting the Lib Dem message to the public.
  • She is a good team player, and has performed several campaign team roles, including producing campaign literature and membership recruitment.
  • Elizabeth is a champion of utilising new technology for campaigns. She has used and trained others to use targeted social media campaigning, and was a deputy constituency connect manager.

Elizabeth is ready to fight for people let down by the Conservative Government, who are failing our country on so many issues, from health to education and Brexit.


“My children and family are the driving force behind my political work. I want to help make the UK a better place for future generations, and I am determined to fight for the fair, open and tolerant society that the Liberal Democrats seek to build.” - Liz Adams

Elizabeth's Liberal Values:

Elizabeth first started campaigning with the Lib Dems during their opposition to the Iraq war. She campaigned hard for Remain during the EU referendum, and is a committed defender of human rights and the environment. Elizabeth grew up on a council estate, witnessing poverty and social problems. She wanted to use her voice to get change and stand up for people who were struggling and forgotten, or let down by the system.

Elizabeth's Grandad and Mother were from a Labour background and both trade union reps, but she also has close family who were traditionally Conservative, and her father runs his own business. Elizabeth felt that both parties, during their long periods in Government, had let people down.

Elizabeth hopes to tackle the problems now faced by her generation and younger ones who are struggling to be able to buy a house, stuck on low wages in insecure jobs and tenancies, and who have suffered through disengagement with politics. She is also determined to improve outcomes for older people, who are especially affected by the NHS and social care funding crisis.

Elizabeth explains, "having worked in a pharmacy, healthcare is something I'm really passionate about, and the Lib Dem approach of listening to evidence, professional opinion and patient feedback when creating policy, rather than an ideological top-down approach, is what really appeals to me.”

Elizabeth believes the Lib Dems can lead the political discourse as technology changes our industries and impacts the economy. She is championing a tech revolution, including immediate investment for 100% quality broadband coverage, more computing education in schools, and development of life-long access to education to help people to retrain during periods of fast-paced industrial change.


Why is Elizabeth the Best Person to Represent Us?

Elizabeth has the skills, experience and compassion required to represent local people and businesses and get action on the issues affecting them. She understands the current problems facing the economy and will fight for investment in the areas needed to bring jobs and help local businesses thrive, such as improving broadband facilities and transport infrastructure.

Elizabeth has excellent advocacy skills. She has already helped many people raise issues at local council level, and has dealt with public bodies and private organisations to get them results.

Elizabeth has studied EU law, with her year being the first to examine Brexit as part of the syllabus, and she was awarded first-class for her examination of the potential legal repercussions of leaving the EU. She has visited the EU institutions, including the EU Commission and has observed cases in the European Court of Justice. She has the understanding we need in our Parliamentary representatives during this crucial period, of the political and legal framework of the EU and how it impacts the UK. She would be a knowledgeable and valuable voice in Parliament on what is the biggest constitutional and economical issue facing the UK.

Drawing on her time in community pharmacy and study of medical law, including funding and resource allocation, Elizabeth speaks with passion about healthcare and fighting for our NHS. She is determined to hold the Conservative Government to account and ensure that local NHS services are properly staffed and receive the funding they need to stay open.

As a member of 'Generation Rent', Elizabeth brings experience of being affected by the housing crisis, and homelessness. She champions local communities being involved in decision making, and ensuring that housing is built for need, not greed.

Elizabeth spent a significant proportion of her life in council housing, having come from a low economic background, and she can speak with conviction about the challenges that people can face in terms of social mobility.


"I'm standing for election because I believe in Liberal values and I want to make a real difference for local people. I feel there are too many MP's from London, from too small a scope of backgrounds and who are not really standing up for all residents in their constituencies. As your MP, I would work hard, always be genuine with people, and do my very best to get things done." - Liz Adams