A Real Chance to Stop Abuse in Politics

The recent explosion of allegations around sexual harassment and attacks, conducted by some MPs and others in positions of power in politics, has rightly caused a lot of emotion. Those who have experienced such distressing behaviour will be feeling a spectrum of emotion.

This will range from positive feelings that people are now being believed and incidents are coming to light in a way that may obtain justice for victims, but there will also be sadness and anger that this has gone on for so long, and a reluctance still to come forwards as victims are still facing a backlash.

For those who have perpetrated such actions, some may realise that this behaviour is unacceptable and be willing to truly make amends, apologise, and work to stamp this out, others will sadly not. Some who are directly involved and others who are not will be scared, as many are in times of change, and will seek to maintain the status quo, better the devil you know and all that. Others will see that we really do have an opportunity here to make politics fit for the 21st century, where all people and sections of society feel they can play a part, equally and safely and free from discrimination or abuse.

The one thing we must do is be respectful of everyone's emotions. I have seen in all parties, some people attempting to politically point score, different groups both with the same intentions of helping disagreeing and focusing energy on berating each other. No political party emerges from this smelling of roses - let's be clear.

We need to now come together and focus on what we will do to truly change things, and above all ensure that victims, who have come forwards and those who are still fearful, are supported.

Please take a look at the following article by Lib Dem Party President, Sal Brinton, to find a copy of the Liberal Democrat procedures from reporting incidents of harassment, abuse or other unacceptable behaviour, along with what the party leadership is doing, along with other parties, in light of recent allegations.


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